Obama gets daughter Malia’s age wrong….TWICE

Well he’s in hot water with voters over the economy but that it’s President Obama’s biggest concern.  The President got his daughters age wrong twice at a recent press conference calling her 13 when Malia is only 12.  To give him credit her birthday is July 4th so the man may deserve a mulligan on this one.




Tobey Macguire running an illegal gambling ring? Say it ain’t so Spidey!

Apparently, going to Vegas is too bourgeois for Toby Maguire.  He has been caught running an illegal Hollywood gambling ring complete with ties to the Russian mofia.  The reports are preliminary at this point but point it’s known that stars took part in multi-million pot games. Other celebs include Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Leonardo DiCaprio.  Reportedly the Spiderman actor took $300,000 pot from a corrupt hedge fund manager.

Not exactly traditional crime fighting but way to go!


Gary Sinise Documentary Raises Money For U.S. Troops Every Time You Watch It


Have to give credit to Lt Dan for continuously supporting the troops.  It is always fashionable to “support the troops” these days but Sinise doesn’t treat it like a fashion statement.  He has consistently supported and built charities to help solders and their families.  He spends his own money going to Iraq and Afghanistan using his celebrity status to cheer up solders that are homesick.  You might not know all this because Sinise doesn’t use his support as a publicity stunt, he does it all under the radar.

Sinise formed a band called the Lt Dan band that goes around the world playing music just to support the troops and their families (very cool).  So a military filmmaker documented the excitement of the troops and their reaction to this band.  Every time you view the film money is donated to the Gary Sinise Foundation to help continue supporting the troops.  Check out the link below.

Why no one exactly has high expectations for a band headlined by an actor you can’t deny the spirit of it.


Fox News homepage has broken links to Janna Lee wedding story

About a week ago Fox News posted a story about Janna Lee, the FNB hotty who is preparing to marry her Navy SEAL husband in the next few days.  You might remember Janna Lee as the girl on FNB with the legs……which is basically what she’s known for.  Not the girl with the boobs……that would be the rest of them.  Fox News put the story on their homepage under the IMG category.  Well they must not check their own site very often because the link to the story has been broken for over a week.

Just today Fox News actually moved the link up to the front of the IMG category and INCLUDED a picture.  BUT the link is still dead!  How on earth does the number one news agency (by viewers) not check their own links?



Update: they finally fixed the link at 2:05 6/30/2011.  Bet the tech didn’t mention this mistake to his boss.


Weiner’s headed for divorce or just taking a break?

Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner’s wife and mother of his unborn child, is taking some time off from both her job and her husband.  Friends of Huma’s say she will be relaxing at the beach while her husband attends “advanced” therapy for his little problem.

Now the media has been reporting that Huma “stood by her husband” while he was in the middle of this sex scandal.  But in reality Huma was on another continent (Africa) while her husband came clean about his sexual exploits and then while he resigned.  Truth is Huma really hasn’t shown any support of her cheating husband (not that we blame her).  Could this be the beginning of the end for Mr Weiner?