Green Bay teaches and Green Bay Packers, separated at birth?

So the Packers are protesting not getting free healthcare and are on strike.  Green Bay teachers are upset because they are going to be as to work 30 MINS more!  Wisconsin cannot pay its bills but teachers (who get off three months out of the year and only work until 3:30 anyway) are not willing to work a little extra.

What happened to the protests about how this was for the children’s education?  How cutting the budget would somehow affect a child’s development so we had to keep teachers salaries ridiculously high?  Well Green Bay officials were smart enough to combat that argument and say “Fine we won’t cut the budget, we just need you to work a little harder.”

This proves that the teachers are only concerned about one thing, themselves.  Friggin douche bags.

Green Bay teachers upset by change calling for more work hours, less planning time.

More than 100 Green Bay teachers dressed in red packed the School Board meeting room on Monday to say they feel betrayed by a recent school district directive that would require them to work longer hours and lose planning time.

The Green Bay School District recently sent a memo to teachers indicating they would be required to work an extra half-hour a day and would lose planning time to make room for staff and other meetings.

This brought teachers — many emotional — to the School Board, saying they feel betrayed that they weren’t first consulted about the changes. Many said morale among Green Bay teachers is low and expressed worry these changes could be the tip of the iceberg.|topnews|img|FRONTPAGE


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