Obama sets up meeting for Bieber fan

While visiting Ground Zero the President told Payton Wall (a teen whose father was killed on 9/11) that he could set up a meeting between her and teen pop sensation Justin Bieber.  Payton and her friend Madison (whose father also died on 9/11) had been writing to Bieber to try and tell him that his music inspired them when they felt down. The President made good on that promise as seen below.

You might remember Justin Bieber as the foul mouth prima donna who, while preforming in Israel, refused to meet with children whose parents died at the hands of suicide bombers.  That information quickly went viral hitting every major news outlet.  Bieber’s handlers quickly remind him that most of his CD’s were bought by Israeli’s and not Palestinians and so Bieber released a statement stating that his previous statement was incorrect and that he was going to make some token appearance after his concert.

In comparison you might remember that Obama recently told all of Israel they should return to pre-1967 boarders in effect giving the Palestinians a strategic military advantage over Israel.  The Prime Minister of Israel had to immediately fly to the US for an emergency meeting with the President to remind him that most Jewish organizations and lobbies donated to Democratic candidates and lobbied for Liberal laws.  The President then announced that his previous statement was incorrect and that he was going to make some token appearance at a Jewish lobby.  Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up check out the links below.






It’s nice to know that the President has better relations with teenage girls than with the Prime Minister of Great Britain.


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