DC is acting more and more like the Jersey Shore

Politicians always seem to be getting themselves into trouble.  Despite the fact that politicians tend to be wealthy, highly educated, well semi-well spoken and well dressed……….actually DC is looking more and more like theJerseyShore!  Think about it:

Ronnie is like Mitt Romney.  Big dumb idiot that didn’t come close to the nomination last year and yet somehow thinks he will clinch the Republican nomination this year.  Next we will see Romney doing protein shake commercials to raise campaign funds.

Pauly D is just like Obama.  You really want to like the guy but he really just doesn’t do anything.  Both have a good tan, both act like they are from States they were never born in and both talk funny.

The Situation is clearly Anthony Weiner the embattled New York Congressmen that the media had a wiener roast with.  Weiner was caught sexing random girls via his Facebook account despite the fact that he was recently married to Hilary Clinton’s aid Huma.  In addition, Huma is pregnant with Weiner’s first child.  That is reminiscent of the time The Situation ended up almost hooking up with a transvestite.  Or was he/she transgender?  Somebody send Weiner a Facebook message, maybe he knows.

Jwoww has to be Palin.  Jwoww is that girl that everyone keeps telling you is really hot, but when they point her out you tilt your head to the side and ask “You mean her sister right?”  A bunch of guidos inJerseymentally undressing Jwoww is akin to a bunch of DC politicians with erectile dysfunction talking up Palin.

The Snookie award has to go to Huma Weiner (Anthony Weiners wife).  Both Snookie and Huma can’t seem to catch a break.  Snookie gets decked by a drunken guy in a bar and Huma gets decked by all of Facebook when naked photos of her husband are all over TMZ.  But like Snookie Huma hung in there like a champ sticking it out to the amusement of all of us.

Sammy is a clear representative of Michelle Obama.  Sammy looks like a nice innocent well tanned, well mannered little girl.  That is until you start listening to her.  Sammy spends half ofJerseyShorebackstabbing her friends like Michelle Obama spent half of an Obama rally telling the audience how she has never been proud of theUnited States.  Every time Ronnie gets away from Sammy he goes buck wild and enjoys himself.  Every time Michelle leaves the country Obama takes a Russian delegate out for cheeseburgers and fries (can’t make this stuff up).


Vinnie is most like Newt Gingrich.  In short both are living in other people’s shadows and after season two of Jersey Shore and Newt’s last two divorce hearings we find out that both are well endowed.

Angelina has to be Hilary (even though Angelina kinda resembles Huma).  There is no getting around it, both these women can pee standing up.  Heck they both even sound like men.


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