Lady Gaga gets gig from the State Department despite having fraudulent charity

The State Department asked Lady Gaga to perform at a gay pride parade in Rome on June 11th.  Gaga, who is also being investigated for possibly being a man, wouldn’t have pulled the stunt off without some encouragement from the State Department boasts Hilary Clinton.  Clinton points to letters written to Gaga asking her to take the time to go to Europe to support the cause.

As we all know Hilary has never been the best judge of character.  As it turns out Gaga is currently being sued for keeping money she made from selling Japan relief bracelets.  She is accused of inflating her numbers and then pocketing some of the dough.  Well done Clinton, well done.  Maybe next you could get Mel Gibson to solve the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Gaga’s best defense in this lawsuit……is she’s a drunk.  No way she could pull that crime off.


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