Is Foxy Knoxy about to pull an OJ and go free because of bad DNA?

Seriously, how many times to these forensic guys screw up the lab results?  Makes you wonder about all the other murder trials that aren’t as publicized.  Long story short the dumb Italians screwed up Foxy Knoxy’s DNA analysis.  So even though the victim’s blood was on Foxy’s bra, they are thinking about throwing that evidence out of court.

Apparently in the Italian court system is very different than the US system (duh).  The jurors are not as sheltered as they are in the US.  Meaning Foxy Knoxy’s jury already thought she was guilty before she entered the court because they have been reading the scathing gossip reports.  The first trial in Italian courts is kind of the dry run for the real trial, the appeal, which is happening now.

Doubts cast over DNA evidence in Amanda Knox murder case


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