Mission Impossible 4 trailer sucks worse than US economy

The new Mission Impossible 4 trailer is out and it is completely uneventful.  Essentially, they remade Mission Impossible 1 and put it to Eminem, horrible.  I cannot express how royally pissed off I am at how they screwed this up.  Seriously, how do you screw up an MI movie?

Like the Cruise Obama has started his own Mission Impossible and is talking directly with Congress about balancing the budget.  This is a change from the Presidents preferred “hands off” approach, but with polls indicating that the public is not happy with Obama’s current handling of debt talks the President has changed his tactics.  Like MI4 it is hard to imagine how these idiots in DC can’t balance the budget.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but the US needs to take a hint from Charlie Sheen’s Ex Brooke Mueller.  Mueller just got a judge to doc Sheen’s wages by $55,000 for child payments to his twin boys.  Why can’t we all just doc these politicians wages to pay for all the waste they produce?  And how on earth did someone that hot marry Charlie Sheen?





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