Sarah Palin says “celebrity’s are full of hate”, but isn’t she a celebrity?

Sarah Palin recently attended a documentary entitled The Undefeated in Iowa.  While there she made the comments that her celebrity critics are “full of hate”.  The documentary shows various Hollywood A-liters lambasting Palin including:

Matt Damon likening her to “a bad Disney movie”




Letterman describing her as a “slut”





Bill Maher calling her a “dumb twat”




Madonna screaming “Sarah fucking Palin”





It’s no wonder Palin steers clear of California, but the obvious still remains.  Sarah Palin goes around the country on speaking tours, writes books, appears on TV and is attending the premier of a movie about herself WHICH makes her a celebrity.

Annnnnnnd we’re going to make fun of her for it.


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