Fox News homepage has broken links to Janna Lee wedding story

About a week ago Fox News posted a story about Janna Lee, the FNB hotty who is preparing to marry her Navy SEAL husband in the next few days.  You might remember Janna Lee as the girl on FNB with the legs……which is basically what she’s known for.  Not the girl with the boobs……that would be the rest of them.  Fox News put the story on their homepage under the IMG category.  Well they must not check their own site very often because the link to the story has been broken for over a week.

Just today Fox News actually moved the link up to the front of the IMG category and INCLUDED a picture.  BUT the link is still dead!  How on earth does the number one news agency (by viewers) not check their own links?



Update: they finally fixed the link at 2:05 6/30/2011.  Bet the tech didn’t mention this mistake to his boss.’s+Jenna+Lee+Dishes+on+Her+July+4th+Wedding


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