Powerful Women in Washington DC Equals Ugly

National Journal put together a slideshow of some of the most powerful women on Capitol Hill.  But like all the other women on Capitol Hill these are ugly.  They just don’t do anything with themselves.  This is why everyone thinks Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin are hot.  You put a mop with a wig next to these women and you get more turned on.

Ugh why can’t we still be talking about mud wrestling?



One thought on “Powerful Women in Washington DC Equals Ugly

  1. O.K. I was ready to pounce on you for your comment and then I looked at the photos….. I am the creator of a blog that attempts to present the positive aspects that represent many very accomplished women who are connected to D.C. The blog is called AWashingtonWoman.blogspot.com. It’s been around for about a year and I haven’t really invested in it much, but now that a year has passed, I think I am ready to take it a little more seriously. So here I am searching for candidates. And soooo…..let me say this about your conclusion. These women are not ugly. They are not being shown in a flattering manner and clearly they are trying to play down the concept of “beauty”. No crime there. But when I worked as a fashion advisor for one of the local department stores, I found that many women (especially in this area) discount the power of their “woman-ness”. It’s a little reverse snobbery. It goes like this “if you are preoccupied with appearances, you can’t be taken seriously”. O.K. enough already…(can you tell I like to write?) …. Bottom line is the women of D.C. including these are actually some of the most attractive women out there. It’s just a matter of choices and presentation. So don’t call my city’s women Ugly!!!! (most of this is intended to be read with a sense of humor)

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