Breaking News: Casey Anthony Trial, 5 F-Bombs Dropped, Fox News Live!

First Mark Halperin calls the Bamster (Obama) a dick on air and MSNBC doesn’t bleep it.  But Fox News just can’t handle not being #1 so they decided to raise the bar.  Fox News brought the final moments of the Casey Anthony trial LIVE.

Now during a typical live broadcast the network has a seven second delay.  The delay is so the broadcast engineer can bleep out offensive language or cut the feed if something offensive happens.  Fox decided to pull a Justin Timberlake and not have those extra seven seconds.

During the final statements the prosecution played a recording of Casey speaking with her mother. In the recording Casey dropped the F-bomb five friggin times.

Her parents must be so embarrassed right now.  Read the full story here.


By the way if you Google F-Bomb you get this…..just saying.




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