Is Zuckerberg paying for “friends” on Google+?

When Google launched Google + in beta Mark Zuckerberg (the co-creator of facebook) signed up.  Currently, Zuckerberg is the most popular guy on Google +, even more popular that Google co-founder Larry page.  But something doesn’t add up in the real world Mr Social Network has no friends.  The guy is known for being a total douche bag, constantly screwing over everyone he meets.  So how did Zuckerberg end up with more “friends” than Google co-founder Larry Page?

It just so happens that Zuckerberg was caught back in May secretly hiring the PR firm Burson-Marsteller to….wait for it…do nothing but publish slanderous stories about Google.  He actually paid people to write nasty articles about Google.

“Burson-Marsteller’s former UK chairman has described the smear tactics employed against Google as “furtive and creepy” and the PR executives involved in the campaign were “shadowy, backstreet spin merchants”. More…

“Is it a surprise to anyone that Facebook tripped over its own arrogance?”  More…

“It seems like the ongoing rivalry between Facebook and Google has taken a turn for the subversive. Last night, a spokesman for the social network confirmed to the Daily Beast that Facebook paid a top PR firm to spread anti-Google stories across the media and to encourage various outlets to examine allegations that the Mountain View company was violating user privacy. “ More..

So it’s no surprise when Zuckerberg joined Google + most news outlets carried the “story.”  But really what “story” is there, of course Zuckerberg would have a one night stand with the new hotness, it is his competition.  Let’s face it sleeping with your bosses wife is stupid, sleeping with the competitions wife is just good business.

Zuckerberg admitted to hiring the PR firm to slander Google.  After the story broke Burson-Marsteller severed the connection with Facebook, however, Zuckerberg never said he was going to stop slandering Google.  Remember this guy gets up every day and tries to be a bigger douche than the day before.

So the question is did Zuckerberg secretly hire a new PR firm to slander Google?  And if he did, did that PR firm get people to friend Zuckerberg so that he looks like he is still top dog?  Otherwise, where did all of these friends come from?

If he did hire a new PR firm it would mean Mark Zuckerberg officially has to pay for friends.


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