Obama to replace Joe Biden?

Everyone from political pundits to top news agencies are quietly chatting about the fate of the VP Joe Biden.  The talk is that Obama might replace Biden for another VP candidate.  There are a couple of reasons the President might want to make the switch.

First the economy is killing Bam’s poll numbers.  Secondly, the President has kind of lost his momentum from his last campaign.  Only a few years ago the Hope and Change was monumental and everyone wanted to get on the bandwagon.  Today that movement has subsided and the President is having some trouble getting people excited about his candidacy.  Finally, Biden is legendary for his grafts.  Like the time he dropped the F-Bomb on air as the President was signing Obamacare.  Honestly, W could give this guy speech lessons.

So why/how would the Bamster do it?  Well political officials often change up their cabinet or running mates when their poll numbers are suffering.  It shows that they are listening to their constituents and that they are making changes.  Obama wouldn’t publically fire Biden but Biden might suddenly have a change of heart and “decide” that he didn’t want to run for a second term.  This is largely speculation but it could happen.

So who would the President choose to run with him?  The obvious choice is Hillary Clinton.  Clinton (who is the Secretary of State) ran against Obama in 2010 and almost beat him.  She has a lot of powerful donors and could bring in a lot of money.  Also Clinton said that she will not be returning as the Secretary of State for Obama’s second term.

The second obvious choice would be New York Gov Andrew Cuomo.  Cuomo is popular among gays which Obama has never been a strong supporter of.  Cuomo has also been in the news a lot lately and so he is a little more high profile.

Will just have to wait and see.


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