Miss Sprint Cup fired over Nude Photos, Really NASCAR? *SFW

The Miss Sprint Cup is kind of NASCAR’s equivalent of Miss America, just with oil.  Contestants “compete” (leave that open to interpretation) with one another until three are selected.  Now Sprint tries to make these girls semi-legit (meaning not porn stars):

In addition to making appearances at charity events and NASCAR sponsors’ functions, the representatives serve as the “fans’ friend on the inside,” offering behind-the-scenes access through regular video, photo and text updates to their more than 300,000 social media followers (Twitter, Facebook and the NASCAR.COM “Community” page).

The Miss Sprint Cup lineup also greets thousands of race fans each weekend at the Sprint Experience, the mobile marketing display Sprint brings to every Cup Series event. There they talk with fans about the latest Sprint products and offerings and help emcee the weekend’s various contests and giveaways. On the Sprint Experience stage, they also interview the sport’s top drivers and personalities, as well as celebrities from music, television and film.

Only of the Miss Sprint Cup girls, Paige Duke, had a little issue with sexing a “boyfriend” when she was 18.  He released the photos and big friggin surprise they went viral.  Now Miss Page is oh soo sorry that this happened to her.

NASCAR describes Miss Sprint Cup Paige Duke as:

“With a personality steeped in down-home charm, Duke is a self-proclaimed “country girl” who loves hunting, barrel racing, horse riding, deep sea fishing and, of course, country music. Born and raised in Lancaster, S.C., Duke graduated magna cum laude from Clemson University and remains a diehard Tigers fan.”

Somebody call Go Daddy this girl’s the next Danica Patrick!  Getting kicked out of the Sprint Cup was the best thing for her.  If she is anything like Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian she’s going straight to the Indie 500!

Oh yeah and somebody better tell her ex she’s going to shoot him.

Annnnnnd her twitter @Paige_Duke


One thought on “Miss Sprint Cup fired over Nude Photos, Really NASCAR? *SFW

  1. ABSOLUTELY REDICULOUS!!!! Next thing we know, they will be requiring drivers and crew to wear shirt and tie during race! She is a SEX SYMBOL, for crying out loud! Why doesn’t Sprint and NASCAR just get Betty White or Joan Rivers to be the Sprint Cup “girl”? That’s like selling beer in an arena where they Don’t allow alcohol consumption! As Larry puts it, “It’s like wiping before you poop!” Doesn’t make sense. Other than preventing crashes in an event where people go to see exciting racing…and…crashes! Wake up Sprint and NASCAR! This girl shouldn’t have been fired! No way! All we have to look forward to is when it becomes the Anal Retentive Cup, the car of tomorrow is Made of armor and Rosary Beads will be required to enter the track! Good luck on your lawsuit, Paige! You didn’t deserve this! What a

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