Monacan Bride a Prisoner at own wedding?

You might have noticed that the Prince of Monaco (think Casino Royale) recently married an Olympic swimmer from South Africa.  Well there’s more to this story than meets the eye.  First off the dirty Prince is 20 years older than the now Princess.  He is 53 she is 33, creepers around the world are rejoicing.

But the story gets more sinister.  At the alter the bride begins to cry, but not the kind you hope for at a wedding.  The bride wasn’t smiling, she was weeping, and her now husband also didn’t look happy about it.  This would be the one time where they both should be smiling.

So as it turns out Prince Albert has fathered two illegitimate children prior to meeting Princesses Charlene.  Then right before the wedding it came out that Albert had a third illegitimate child.  The question is did he have this child while he was with Charlene?

The details are sketchy but Charlene did buy a one way ticket to South Africa right before her wedding and before she could board the plane her passport was confiscated from her.  She attempted to seek refuge in a South African embassy back in May and made another attempt to flee the country during the Grand Prix according L’Express (a French Magazine).  In every attempt the Prince’s “people” caught up with her and persuaded her to stay.

There is good reason for the Prince to force a marriage. The guy is 53 years old, has three illegitimate children and having your bride walk away from a three day wedding would be a national embarrassment.  So the question still remains, did the douche bag force this girl into marry him and will the National Enquire be doing an exclusive on the body in 10 years?

Oh 007 where are you now?

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