Craiglist/Village Voice Sex Trafficking Numbers Hoax, Kutcher’s Numbers Were False!

Two idiots do not make a charity.  Craigslist, Village Voice and a number of other websites and publications have been under attack for publishing classified sections that advertise sex.  Anti-prostitution groups such as Women’s Funding Network have been speaking to the press and to government officials about the dangers of these classifieds being used by sex traffickers.

While it is true that there is the potential of sex traffickers using these classifieds (although it seems a little odd that they would not be more underground) Women’s Funding Network used phony numbers to get themselves published.  The Palm Beach New Times reports that both CNN and USAToday published big stories about the sex trafficking using the numbers that the WFN provided.

It is clear that both media organizations found the story too good to pass up and published it without checking how the WFN got their numbers.  Long story (read here, seriously long) but the way the WFN got their numbers was to look at the classifieds every day.  If they saw more ads on Tuesday than on Monday they would jack the “sex trafficking” number up.

So people have been wasting valuable time and money going after the wrong guys when disgusting sex traffickers are getting away.

Ashton Kutcher’s next roll, the boy who cried wolf.


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