Hugh Grant Exposes British tabloid hacking dead solders voicemail!

It is hard news to miss.  News of the World, a British tabloid owned by the media mogul Rupert Murdoch, hired a private investigator who ended up hacking the voicemails of dead soldiers.  Furthermore, the private eye hacked celebrities and political officials voicemails.  The scandal has caused Mr. Murdoch to close down the paper completely.  Furthermore, an aid to David Cameron (the Prime Minister) was arrested in connection with the scandal.

So who was it that uncovered this mess?  Was it Scotland Yard, the military or a major corporation?  Nope it was Hugh Grant.  Grant was talking to some guy in a cab who mouthed off to him that he had hacked Grants phone.  Grant ran into the individual again in a Pub and decided to apply some of his acting skills.

Grant made friends with the man and got him chatting.  The man turned out to be a private eye and was bragging about having access to the personal accounts of major political officials as well as dead soldiers and celebrities.  Check out the YouTube video of Grant explaining how he uncovered one of the biggest stories of the decade.


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