Skype + Facebook the cure for teenage sexting

That’s a great idea, give teenagers another reason to take naked photos of themselves and regret it later.  Recently, Microsoft invested in a portion of Facebook.  Microsoft does this periodically, a few years back Microsoft saved Apple Computer by investing in the company when it was on the verge of going out of business.  Microsoft also just bought Skype in a billion dollar deal.  So merging the two together just made sense.    However, it is an external app that is kinda clunky to use.

Now you can take your clothes off to not one but entire groups of people.  Grab your glow sticks and drop some E we going to have a cyber party tonight.  I wonder what Ashton Kutcher will have to say about his and sex trafficking.

The only real question is what are they going to call this new fad of facebook sex……..well there are a couple of obvious ones that come to mind.


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