Cover your skirts the Royal Family’s phones hacked, Prince Charles and Camilla targets

Great Britain has been stunned to learn about a phone hacking or phreaking scandal that is now affecting the Royal family.   The News of the World was exposed (oddly enough by Hugh Grant) for illegally hacking into private voicemails and using the contents in news articles.

The Royal family has been placed on full alert following information that their private voicemail was most likely attacked.  The Britain police will not release which Royal family members were targeted and which ones were successfully hacked.  However, they have released information stating that certain family members were placed on alert (Steven Colbert, however, has not put the Royal Family on alert).

It is believed that Prince Charles, his wife Camilla, his son Prince William Duke of Cambridge his wife Kate (formerly Middleton) Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry have all been hacked.  This means they’re personal voicemails are stored somewhere at the News of the World.  There has been no word if the Queen or Prince Phillip has been entangled in this scandal.  IF the Queen was attacked it would make this an international scandal as the Queen is a public figure and her voicemail may contain messages from foreign dignitaries and presidents.

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