Is Toronto Sun misreporting Middleton’s wardrobe malfunction to improve relations with the UK?

There has been a lot of buzz about the now famous picture of Kate Middleton’s derriere.  When the Duchess of Cambridge was leaving Canada the wind was so nice enough to give all of Canada a Royal view.  However, there are two things don’t make sense with the story as the Sun reports it.  First the photographer for the Toronto Sun said he didn’t realize he had taken the photo.  As in his camera took the photo while he was out having a smoke.  He claims he found the photo on his camera days later.

Second a close examination of the photo reveals no thong.  Now Kate Middleton is known for wearing risqué outfits.  The way she caught William’s attention was by wearing a see-through dress and showed her lingerie.  So it’s not out of the question that the Duchess or princess, or whatever she is, was wearing a micro-bikini for underwear.  But how would the Sun know that?

The only way the Toronto Sun to know that Kate Middleton was wearing underwear, that could double as William’s dental floss, was to ask the girl after the photo was taken.  The Toronto Sun never makes that claim.  So the question still remains how did they know the Kate was wearing the world’s first pair of cloaked underwear (created by Harry Potter himself)?

Canada is not exactly known for its high profile visitors.  The country notoriously has a complex living in the shadow of the United States.  So when there is an issue with the Royal jewels could the Toronto Sun be persuade to cover-up the story?  Observe the close up shots below, they will clearly show that no thong is present (click to expand).

If you look at the close-up you will see that there is no presence of cloth underneath Kate’s dress.  There is a slight shadow which might appear to be a piece of underwear but if you zoom in and look at the angle of the sun you will notice it is in fact a shadow.

So is the Toronto Sun misreporting to gain political favoritism from young Royal couple?


22 thoughts on “Is Toronto Sun misreporting Middleton’s wardrobe malfunction to improve relations with the UK?

  1. Fire your editor then prosecute both himand the photographer!!! Would they like to see their loved one so humiliated .If this was an ordinary person taking such a photo they would be charged by the police so should these two men . Iwould like to ask the Sun ” have you heard of the News of the World” you are headed in the same direction

    • You know nothing of the law. Taking the photo and publishing it is not in th slightest illegal. The subject as in the public’s view and the photographer did nothing wrong. If a member of the public took the pic the only thing that’d happen is they’d get paid big for it. How about suggesting that a member of the royal family wear undies instead.

  2. Aside from some missing words & poor sentence structure, this article doesn’t make a lot of sense. How is this photo helping “gain political favoritism the young Royal couple?” (also appears to have a missing word) All that has been “gained” is a disgraceful reputation for the paper. You must be American if you think we “have a complex living in the shadow of the United States”. News flash: with your collapsing economy & your poor international reputation, you are not as great as you think you are. This article was a waste of 10 minutes of my time…

  3. “The country (Canada) notoriously has a complex living in the shadow of the United States”.
    Wow! Keep it up, dude. Comments like that are what continue to make us look like the idiots the world thinks we are.

  4. My friend took that photo, with todays technology these photos leave the camera by wifi and are put over the net to a server without the photographer ever handling them. I have heard from many other photogs that he didn’t even know what he had until quite a bit later.
    Don’t blame him, maybe you should look at his work in Haiti and see the hell he had to endure to bring us a glimpse at what that island suffered.
    When people stop paying $250,000 for photos like this them we’ll stop selling them. He could pay for all his kids to go to University or pay off his house at the expense of a very nice and fortunate woman’s vanity for 1 day.

  5. you have a beautiful website , I wish you a nice Wednesday greetings from Germany ღDreams☆of☆Shadowღ

  6. Based on your assertions that there could not possibly be a thong present, suggest to me that you’ve never even even close to a woman who wears said garment. But I’m sure that this “news” story was the most exciting thing to hit your mom’s basement this year.

  7. To the Duchess of Cambridge, for heaven’s sake, start wearing undies next time to avoid these situations/scandals! You’re a princess now, and very likely, future Queen of England, for crying out loud! I wonder what the Queen Mum’s reaction would be when she sees this photo!

  8. well this is kate we are talking about. just look at the previous photos of her before she became will’s wife. she always looked cheap lacked class and wanted to show of her anorexic body. her sister wearing a dress made of toilet paper, her bro wearing a french dress. on few photos kate is so drunk she can’t even keep her legs together showing off her underwear. some habbits are hard to die. she brings shame on the rest of that so called royal establishment. why the english are so blind to spend so many of millions of pounds on them when all they do is just shake hands, smile read speaches that were already written for them, sleep around and just wasted taxpayers money on being spoiled. abolish them at once.

    • These are disgusting and untrue comments. The Duchess of Cambridge is a lady and a person who is an excellent role model for young girls. Many young ladies wear thongs so even if she was wearing one that does not give the photographer the right to publish the picture. He has no class. She did not lift her dress, the wind did. Where is his picture of the 6 year old cancer patient and Kate embracing on the tarmac. As the old saying goes ” If you cannot say something nice, do not say anything at all”.

  9. Whether photoshopped or picture perfect realism, everyone must agree, while she obviously wouldn\’t ask for the photo to be released, she can surely be proud to say that it MUST be the FINEST, most BEAUTIFUL bum in all of England! Prince William, I am sure is very proud of it! It is by the Grace of God that it is hers and the Grace of God that we have the opportunity to view it as well, even if in only a very brief moment of time. As timeless as the beauty of any statue of beauty ever created throughout history! Thank you Kate! Thank you Prince William!

  10. wearing pantyhose these days is one thing. Rather catching. But, to do so without panties is completely wonderful!!! Kate is a real keeper!! I am a fan forever.

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