Google + to hit 20 million users by the weekend

Google + is Google’s new attempt to destroy facebook.  Google started with Google Buzz which bombed completely.  This time around Google threw in the towel and just copied facebook.  I tried out Google + (courteously of a sports blog CrossingBroad) and found that like Mac’s Google basically tries to take over your system.  Within moments of signing up Google + went into my Gmail account and friended all of my contacts.

“ founder Paul Allen calculated the network’s size and found that the social network has grown 350 percent in the past six days—and could reach 20 million users by the weekend. By Allen’s own admission, the methodology isn’t perfect; he calculated by using U.S. surnames and then extrapolating from a ratio from U.S. to non-U.S. users. New users join Google+ by invitation, so it’s likely to keep growing at the same rate or faster.”

Since signing up I haven’t actually touched Google +.  It doesn’t offer anything innovative, and no one seems to be using it.  Time will tell but I think Justin Timberlake and MySpace have a better chance than Google+.

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