Hip Hop Chick Skylar Grey preformed for Dalai Lama in DC

When coming up with an artist to perform for the Dalai Lama Skylar Grey is not exactly the person that comes to mind.  Skylar Grey wrote the hook for “Love the Way You Lie.”  Rihanna sang the song but Skylar wrote her part.  She also worked with Diddy on “Dirty Money I’m Coming Home.”

Well the Dalai Lama was in town and Skylar Grey was asked to perform a version of “Dirty Money I’m Coming Home” for the Lama himself.  Unfortunately, the only video available is from some idiot who was attacked by a dragonfly.

This is almost as good and when the President invited Common to “read his poetry” at the White House.  Getting a little Hippity Hoppity here in DC.

Full story…


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