Documentary of family starting brothel next to home

Give it up to the Aussies to take weird to a new level.  A new documentary is being shown detailing the life of Chris and Rachel Rohriach.  While Rachel was still pregnant with their first she had a stroke and became a quadriplegic.  Chris is a struggling farmer trying to make ends meet.  So what does he do?  He started a brothel next to his house.

Brothels are legal in Australia (or at least the part he’s in).  So Chris “claims” that he and his wife are both all for putting teenage hookers next to his house.  Yes that’s the wife wants to put the Bam Bam twins next door to her 7 year old son.  If you check out the trailer you will notice that his wife can’t really talk and can’t move.  Yet the documentary chronicles how wonderful of a guy he is for sticking it out with his wife.

News flash the guy is putting up a building where sticking it out is all he will do while his wife plays the part of Terri Schiavo next door.

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