YouTube Marine Gets Mila Kunis to Go Out With Him

Recently Sgt. Scott Moore, stationed in Afghanistan, asked Mila Kunis out via YouTube. Amazingly a reporter brought it to Kunis’ attention and she said yes.  Well the media caught up with Sgt. Moore and it turns out that the famous invitation was based upon a bet the Marine had with his buddies.

So getting into the spirit of things I now bet that I can get the entire Victoria Secret team to go out with me……but I will settle for the Hooters Calendar girls.  More my caste of girl anyway.

Check out Sgt. Moore and Mila Kunis reaction.

By the way did you know that for product placement Starbucks took a picture of Mila drinking their coffee……without pants?  Then they put it on GQ.  Genius!

Read story…


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