Casey Anthony receiving $$ from male donors!

Let’s just get this out in the open.  Casey Anthony is not that good looking.  Yes she is kinda cute with those insane crazy eyes and a nice(ish) body.  So she could be considered average (for a murderer).  Well Casey Anthony has been receiving hundreds in donations while in jail.  Honestly, how do you even donate to someone in jail?  It’s not like the chicks got paypal.

Several males (white, over fifty and mostly sex offenders) have donated to Anthony along with several women (lesbians) and a few semi-normal men.  Semi-normal because they were normal until they donated money to Anthony.  When questioned one man responded with:

“I do not know Casey personally, nor am I supporting her as a person, nor am I anything like the people sending her love letters and asking her to marry them,” he said. “However, what I am supporting is the jury’s decision to acquit based on lack of evidence failing to overcome the reasonable doubt standard.”

That’s exactly what Eddie Murphy said when he picked up that hooker who turned out to be a man!

Those are freaking crazy eyes!


Full story…


One thought on “Casey Anthony receiving $$ from male donors!

  1. All I can say about those People to each it’s own, whatever!
    Casey probably thinks those People aren’t too smart, just like the Jury and takes the Money, why not?
    As for that Person stating he agrees with the Jury that’s his Reason for giving her Money, that is just BS! Obviously he didn’t pay Attention to All the Evidence presented, what did he expect a Video Tape of how Casey murdered her own Child? I guess You actually have to use Your Brain and common Sense to figure out what happened and Casey was the one responsible. The Evidence was there! JMO

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