Is Netflix done?

So two days ago Netflix dropped a bomb on its customers raising the price of a subscription by 60%.  Now rising prices are nothing new in this economy, however, 60% without any warning is a little extreme.  Well it turns out that Netflix has a friggin mob on its hands.  And can you blame them?

Netflix is our one solution to cable.  Sure the streaming selection sucks but heck that’s how I discovered my first love again……Xfiles.  And I would have never watched Swamp Thing or ALL of the Steven Carpenter movies if it weren’t for the cheap affordable and poorly serviced Netflix streaming service…..and beer.  So is it any wonder that people feel betrayed?  For once we escaped the government monopoly known as cable and experienced something free, something new, something that felt good….and something that didn’t give you a chafing rash for a week.

If you are feeling betrayed you’re not alone:

“Even a dog knows the difference between being tripped over and being kicked,” read a comment with 338 “likes.” Meanwhile, “Dear Netflix” became a trending topic on Twitter thanks to tweets telling the company to “fuck off!” and that “you suck baby dick” (wow).

It’s like my high school prom all over again.  If you were homeschooled you won’t get that joke.

Full story….


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