Women advance to the World Cup Finals!

Well it’s summer, and baseball is still too far away to be interesting and no other real sports are on.  So you know what that means?  Women’s sports!!

But this is the women’s World Cup which does hold a higher caliber of athlete.  First the women’s soccer team is fairly cute (which really helps with corner kicks).  These aren’t those trashy wannabe “lingerie bowl” girls and definitely not those ogres in the WNBA.  These girls (ok some of them) are actually good athletes, and don’t look like men at the same time (unexpected bonus).

The last time the women won a World Cup was back in ’99 when Mia Hamm was leading the team.  It has been 12 years since Hamm took the US to victory and this team might actually do it again.

They just beat Brazil and France, sooooo all the hot girls are gone.  Now it gets to the “are they girls or are they so doped up they require jock straps” category.


Full story…


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