Casey Anthony “look alike” attacked, almost killed

Let’s start this off by announcing that this happened in Oklahoma.  That should answer most questions right there.  Secondly, this woman looks nothing like Casey Anthony.  So it’s ten o’clock in Oklahoma, normally the crazies wait until at least 10:45, and Sammy Blackwell noticed a crazy woman staring at her.  Now if this was DC or LA this would be completely normal.  But this is Oklahoma, where everything is OK unless you live there.

The crazy lady tells Blackwell “You look like Casey Anthony.”  Blackwood said “Okay” and then the lady left.  Well a half an hour later as Blackwell was leaving work she said she noticed crazy eyes in the parking lot just staring at her.  Note to all males this gets great results with Latin women, little less so with the white chicks.  However, should warn you that you might end up on an episode of To Catch a Predator (TCAP).  Hence the term TCAP eyes….but I digress.

As Blackwell drives home this crazy lady comes out of nowhere and rams Blackwell.  TCAP eyes hit her so hard Blackwell’s car flipped over twice and landed on the driver’s side.   Blackwell played dead until the lady left.  When question Shireen Nalley said she was trying to “save the children.”

Little late there Nalley.

Full story…


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