Drew Peterson threatens Rob Lowe, and four ex-wives

Drew Peterson, the cop who didn’t kill three out of four of his wives, has decided women are just a little too easy to kill.  So he has trained his sights on the eye of the tiger, Rob Lowe.  Lowe has been filming a movie for Lifetime (say it ain’t so Rob say it ain’t so) about Peterson’s life based off a book called “Fatal Vows: The Tragic Wives of Drew Peterson”.  Peterson’s lawyer sent a cease and desist order to Lifetime to stop production.

Now cease and desist might sound fancy, but legally what is means is they just wasted 44 cents.  Idiots should have sent an email.   Well Peterson’s lawyer was contacted and he gave this statement right after he said it wasn’t about the money:

“But even after the trial, if these people are making money from the use of his name, why shouldn’t Drew get some of that money? It’s his story.”

Oh and this lucky lady could be wife number 5.  No joke they’re engaged.  Which would obviously mean he would have no MOTIVE for killing wify number 4.

Kinda like Bingo no?

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2 thoughts on “Drew Peterson threatens Rob Lowe, and four ex-wives

  1. Saw an interview recently with Drew’s attorney and remember him saying a while back that Drew is innocent of the charges he is in prison for. What ever happened with the Appeals? -Jane

  2. I just watched the movie on lifetime and hope that Drew gets the —- beat out of him while he is in prison. He is scum of the earth and anybody that would marry him is just out for attention.
    Are you going to threaten me now Drewy.

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