Monaco Royal wedding scandal continues

Typically after getting married the biggest concern the couple has is the hotel asking them to keep the noise down – think rabbits.  But not for the Prince and Princess of Monaco, they’re not even in the same building – and not in the ‘that’s impressive’ way.  There has been a great amount of speculation that the (now) Princess of Monaco was coerced into marrying her cheating husband.  Prince Albert married a former South African Olympian, about a week ago, who is around 20 years younger than he is — ahh to be a male.  Now Al has two illegitimate children and weeks before the wedding it came out that everyone’s favorite miscreant had fathered a third, but not with the chick he was about to marry.

Then the baby drama started.  Charlene, his now wife, tried to leave Monaco several times and was stopped by Monaco’s Royal family and eventually had her passport confiscated.  Then while at the altar Charlene was crying uncontrollably – duh he’s 53 you’re 33.  So this began a major scandal of Clintonian proportions.

Now it comes out that the Prince and Princess are not going to be staying in the same hotel during their honeymoon.  When asked Charlene’s Dad said:

“Charlene stayed at the Oyster Box Hotel and Albert stayed at the Hilton Hotel,” confirmed Michael.

“This is because Albert attended the conference for the International Olympic Committee, which was held at the Hilton.”

HA!  Apparently, Daddy likes his limo.

Full story…


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