N Koreans “need” steroids, because they were struck by lightning

Well the US women’s soccer team is crushing the rest of the world in the World Cup (like we had a doubt….our clue this was going on).  After the US killed the North Koreans in soccer the N Korean’s coach came out with a very important announcement.  Unbeknownst to the world (and the N Korean team) the North Korean women’s soccer team had in fact, been struck by lightning.  Yup several days before they played the US most of the NK team had been struck by lightning – is it any wonder why Asian soap operas never caught on in the west?

Well FIFA discovered steroid paraphernalia belonging to one of the N Koreans.  So they had the entire team tested.  And wouldn’t you know it most tested positive — snickering.  Honestly, when you can’t trust a ruthless dictator who can you trust?  And the North Korean coaches response?

“FIFA has already met with a North Korean delegation, the source said, and heard arguments that the steroids were accidentally taken with traditional Chinese medicines based on musk glands that were used to treat players struck by lightning on June 8 during a training camp.”

The article claims that this is the biggest scandal to hit the World Cup (men and women’s) in 17 years.  This and the time 9 years ago when the Italians blatantly paid off the refs and proceeded to punch, kick and otherwise maim the US men’s team on the field without being called once.  Or the most recent World Cup tournament in Johannesburg where there were repeated allegations of bribery and an overall attempt to humiliate the west annnnnnnd the Brazil VS US women’s game where the refs let the Brazilians do everything but wax the US team.

Yup everything but that…

Full Story….


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