Newt GingRICH campaign owes $451K — for private jets

Poor old Newts been having a tough time with his presidential race.  First Bachmann signs a marriage pledge saying she will be faithful to her husband.  Well Newt got wife #1, 2 and 4 to agree but #3 (the one he screwed around on while Speaker of the House) just won’t give her blessing.  Then Gingrich’s entire team quit on him because instead of campaigning he was constantly screening some dumb documentary that his wife (4) made.

Well now the Gingrich campaign is well over a million in debt – don’t worry I checked he’s still filthy rich.  However, half of his debt is owed to Moby Dick Airways which specializes in private jets – I’m going to start a boat company and call it Titanic.  So if Gingrich didn’t know he wasn’t going to be president he probably does now.

I do hope he stays long enough to be in a major debate.  Dying to hear his opinion on the debt crisis.

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