Rupert Murdoch “attacked” via Pie at Parliament, seriously Britain?

Rupert Murdoch was “attacked” yesterday while meeting with a phracking investigative committee from British Parliament.   But who is this skilled attacker, what Jason Bourne character could get through the security undetected, what 007 type disguise could gain entry into that small room?  Answer: almost comedian Jonnie Marbles.  Yup he’s not even a real comedian.

And how did that conversation go with security?  “Why do you have a pie?”  “I thought I would share it with me mate Rupert Murdoch.”  “Oohh es your mate?”  “Yeah, yeah he is there govner” “Well why didn’t you say so in the first place?  Plates are in the cupboard.”

And it was a shaving cream pie?  British humor sucks!

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