Casey Anthony has received hundreds of job offers…wants to be a lawyer (video)

Casey Anthony’s lawyer announced in an interview that Casey has received hundreds of job offers.  He goes on to say that hundreds of people from around the country have offered her a place to stay.






Everyone in America hates this chick and she’s receiving offers from people who want her to come and say with them.  Just think about that for a second.  USAToday won’t let me embed click here for video.

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3 thoughts on “Casey Anthony has received hundreds of job offers…wants to be a lawyer (video)

  1. Mr. Mason is just saying this to pis@ us off. No one is going to give felon a job when there are millions of non felons unemployed. As far as giving her a place to stay I hope they super glued anything of value down. Once a thief always a thief. That is the only real source of income she has ever known. Think about it, she stole Caylee’s life and now she can make money off of that too. His client is white trash. His client is a baby killer. His client is a documented liar. Obviously Mr. Mason wants to just like her. Yep the jobs are pouring in. Maybe from wh*ore houses, massage parlors and lies r us!

    Mr. Mason put down the crack pipe, you IDIOT!

  2. Well, Mr. Mason; with all due respect, time will tell. Poor, poor Casey. Not only did she get stuck with being “a cute little white baby” (hardly), she and her defense team don’t think euthanizing her child, whether on purpose or by accident (?) is murder or manslaughter. She is house-hunting in Carlsbad, CA, with a $5 million + deal pending. Her very noble and honrable defense team is also riding the wave while the rest of us foot the bill in more ways than one. Her little million dollar lies, screwed a lot of honest, tax-paying citizens out of the police protection and justice they were entitled to while innocent “cute little white baby” Casey, led us on a very expensive wild goose chase and ruined many, many lives. Yes; time will tell…..

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