MSNBC Info-babe: “I’m sorry are you and econ major” Congressmen: “Yes…with honors” Fail (video)

Well this is one anchorwoman that’s going to have to use both of her boobs to get back on TV.  Contessa Brewer (left) – that name just sounds annoying — of MSNBC ended up in a shouting match with Congressmen Mo Brooks:

Brewer: “You’re simplifying the issues that were on the plate of the nation at that point. I mean we were looking at going – averting a Depression at that point, everyone the Fed chairman . . .
Brooks: “Well I disagree that we were going into a Depression, but go ahead.”
Brewer: “Do you have a degree in economics?”
Brooks: “Yes Ma’am I do, highest honors.”

Don’t worry Contessa no one watches MSNBC anyway.  Everyone tunes into Fox News…and I can give you two reasons why.

What is she reporting on torpedoes!

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