Duchess Kate bought $1500 worth of air fresheners for new mansion

Europe’s economy is almost as bad as America’s, Ireland is bankrupt, children are dying in Africa but Duchess Kate doesn’t want her new palace to smell “musty”.

“Kate is used to a more modern, relaxed environment,” a pal told the Daily Mail. “She felt [Kensington] had an overriding musty, damp smell, and ordered a six-month supply of her favorite products to override this. She’s also thrown pillows around to make it look more minimalist-chic and less fuddy-duddy. William was happy to go with the flow.

But before you grab your favorite stuff animal and go crying yourself to sleep for poor Katie know that she only has to stay at this palace while her other is being renovated.  Those renovations won’t be completed until 2013 so her hotness will just have to make due.

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