Sarah Palin’s son knocked his girlfriend up, that’s 2/2

Well now we all know why Sarah Palin isn’t running for President.  Palin’s daughter, Bristol (named after a bay – bays smell like fish poop you know), is famous for touring around the country speaking about abstinence after her own experience as a teen mom.  Well her older brother, Track (yes as is track and field), recently returned from Iraq and married his high school sweetheart.  Howeverrrrrrrrr, the couple, who has been married for only two months, just announced they had a shotgun wedding and that Track’s wife Britta (these names are actually making me mad now), is pregnant.

The couple posted pictures of Britta’s baby shower online and she appears to be waaay fatter than someone in their first trimester.

“In my opinion it looks like she is more than four months along, as it is not customary to have a baby shower so early in a pregnancy and first-time moms usually take longer to pop,” according to Rosie Pope star of Bravo’s Pregnant in Heels”.

Ingrid Prueher, founder of Savvy Mom on Call Baby Planner, went even further than Pope, predicting that Britta is about eight months along.

“The picture where they show the [wedding] she’s covering her stomach so she was probably showing then,”

Prueher told the Daily News

That night of passion just cost Mama Grizzly the presidency.  The DNC owes this couple at least a baby swing.

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