Breaking News – NBC to discreetly pay Casey Anthony for interview

Casey Anthony is the female Mike Zuckerberg, but with no money.  Everyone hates her, she’s not that good looking and she needs body guards.  Well that is all about to change….at least the money part.  Major media outlets have been foaming at the mouth to get an exclusive with Anthony.  It’s a similar phenomenon to pro-wrestling “bad guys” (so I’m told).  It doesn’t matter if the crowed is cheering or booing, as long as their watching………

NBC gave a statement to the New York Post, saying, “We’ve talked with Baez about getting an interview with Casey Anthony, but only under NBC News standards and conditions — no payment, and absolutely no job offers for any member of her defense team.”

Read carefully — NBC is saying “no payment,” but it refers to an “interview.”  That doesn’t cover paying huge money for pictures, video, etc.  That’s S.O.P. in the network game — and we’re told that’s one of the issues Geragos covered with Baez.

As we reported, as of Friday morning … NBC was the frontrunner.

Bottom line, Casey Anthony’s 2 for 2.


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3 thoughts on “Breaking News – NBC to discreetly pay Casey Anthony for interview

  1. Thanks for the Info. I will make it a Point not to watch, will be easy I can’t stand what she stands for or All the People associated with her trying to make Money of a murdered Child.
    Shame on All of them!

  2. NBC’s got it right. Sometimes hate draws more $$ than compassion. But my guess is that the interview will be 99.2% Baez talking for Casey, and .4% Casey, chopped and edited, talking for herself or in agreement with Baez. I’m not sure what the other .4% will be.

    And no matter whether the interview is 30 min or 2 hours, the provided info will leave the country’s real questions basically unanswered and wanting more, More, MORE.

  3. If this interview is aired by NBC we will never watch your network again.We cannot believe you would associate yourself with such EVIL people.Ionly hope the rest of the ninty five percent of the population that believes of her guilt follows suit.

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