Dr. Drew to Bristol Palin, Did Levi Rape You? Uhhhh

Bristol Palin – who is much hotter after her “non-plastic surgery” facial reconstruction – was on Dr. Drew.  A lot of controversy has come out after Bristol said she was drunk the night she had sex with Levi Johnson.  That could make what he did date rape:

“It was a night that I look back on with the adult eyes that I have now,” Palin says. “And I just realize, that was so stupid. That was so stupid to lie to my Mom, to have those series of bad decisions I made all in one night.”

About that night, Pinsky presses Palin on whether the sex was consensual, or, perhaps, date rape. Asking about Palin’s intoxication, he says “in California, that would be a rape. Is it the same in Alaska?” Later, he asks “did it feel like a rape?” Palin insists she consented, and points to staying with Levi Johnston as proof–something Pinsky suggests many teens do.

Classy group…..but seriously did she tell the surgeon “make me look like a Kardashian”?

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