Cops Screw up Foxy Knoxy’s DNA, another chick beat murder conviction

So you might remember the case of Amanda Knox (aka Foxy Knoxy) who was convicted in Italy of murder – ahem apparently the only place left where they hand out murder convictions.  She was convicted of engaging in a drug fueled sex game that left her roommate dead – sounds like a weekend at the Jersey Shore.  Well she appealed the case and as it turns out Italian Cops are as bad with DNA as LA Cops.  The idiots must have been so busy making lasagna that they forgot to PUT ON GLOVES.

The main case the prosecution made was that Foxy’s DNA was on the murder weapon.  However, the murder happened in Knoxy’s apartment, and if the dumb Cops weren’t careful they could have easily gotten Foxy’s DNA on the murder weapon.


“Land of the free” has an entirely new meaning to it.

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