Awesomely tacky Jersey Shore knockoff – Russian Dolls (video)

I have always hated to love the Jersey Shore.  I have been to the actual jersey shore and I have Italian blood in me so I’m not racist when I say those people suck – if you were wondering I can also make fun of Nazis.  Like everyone else I find myself getting sucked into the classless, crappy outfits and the tacky show.

Enter Russian Dolls – I was born for this show.  It includes the one ingredient I need in life, hot Russians (are there any other kind)


“Lifetime’s upcoming reality show featuring tawdry, money-grubbing Russians living and spending big in Brighton Beach.

Billed as the “Jersey Shore” of Brighton Beach, the show’s really more like a version of “Real Housewives” because there are older people who are featured as prominently as the tanned 20-year-olds.

Chosen for their lack of depth and good looks are:

* Eddie, 26, whose ambition is to be famous.

* His pal Albert, also 26, who aspires merely to be rich.

* Twenty-something babes Anna, an aspiring model; Anastasia, who is too busy getting tan to finish college; and Diana, who hopes to become the princess-wife to a rich Russian guy.

There are also three women in their 30s and 40s — including Marina, who, along with her husband, owns one of the most famous clubs in Brighton Beach, Rasputin.

All the ingredients for a Jerry Springer show – quick someone throw a chair!

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