Oslo murderer believed himself part of Knights Templar – as in Indiana Jones character #epicfail

If you need to brush up on your history the Knights Templar brought you: travelers’ checks, safe deposited boxes and a lot of dead Muslims.   These guys were at the center of the Crusades and used the Crusades to make themselves rich – could have used “enrich themselves” but that would have been too classy.

Claiming innocence yet confessing to the Oslo massacre, Anders Behring Breivik is bringing his view of the Knights Templar back to life with his self-describe“atrocious” acts against the Labour Party in what Breivik believes is an act to “save Norway,” reports the Huffington Post. The connection between the 92 innocent lives and Breivik is a political party that has views of immigration that go against his beliefs stemming from the Knights Templar.

The history of the Knights Templar is filled with wars between the Muslim and Christian community, with the ultimate demise resting in the palms of the Middle East.

Soooo he thought he’d “raise awareness” by………..killing NON-muslims?  #EpicFail

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