2011 Capitol Hills Hottest 50 (Maxim has a copyright on 100)

Anderson Cooper must be locked in a basement with this because it has both girls and guys. The producers are yelling “The shows about to start get up here” his response “Screw it this has both hot girls and guys!” — Kyle Scott CrossingBroad

The Hill (a DC publication) releases their 50 Most Beautiful People (click here) every year. Unfortunately, this is Capitol Hill so “hot” is a very relative term. Honestly, it’s addictive to keep clicking through because you never know if you’re going to hit that one good looking person in DC. However, there is one person you need to brace yourself for. Sen Lisa Murkowski. She must have naked photos of someone at the Hill because she’s like 90. There’s no way she should get in.

But there is one dimond in the rough, contestant number 48 Danielle Beck. When interviewed Danielle confessed: “If I’m having a horrible day or if I’m very, very stressed out, I go home and bake elaborate cupcakes,” says the legislative correspondent for Rep. Tom Rooney (R-Fla.). “Cupcakes are my favorite thing to bake.”

That’s enough to make even Michelle Bachman pray for gay.

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