#F- -kYouWashington skyrockets on Twitter – Twitter suppressing # trend!

I noticed a couple of days ago that #f—kYouWashington was being used shortly before the President’s speech Monday night – the Post says after Monday night but they are wong.  It has primarily been started by Anonymous (the hacker group) so I didn’t give it much though.  Then I caught and article in the New York Post about it.  Apparently, #F—kYouWashington is gaining significant momentum.

Furious over the bipartisan foot-dragging on the nation’s debt crisis, the US public yesterday unleashed a massive barrage of phone calls, e-mails and even a nasty Twitter campaign, #F- -kYouWashington, to vent their fury over DC’s dithering.

The deluge was unleashed after President Obama called on Americans Monday night to phone their representatives and urge them to compromise on a deal that would raise the federal debt level and stave off the first US default in history.

Anonymous has gone as far as to claim that Twitter is preventing #F—kYouWashington from becoming a trend, most likely due to some parental guidance.  And yes that is Nicolas Cage in the creepiest shot ever.  Remember the IRS took all of his money so he has to do any movie that comes his way.






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