Foxy Knoxy murder case – Prosecution mishandling the same way as with Casey Anthony

Amanda Knox was convicted of murdering her roommate while doing a semester in Italy.  After her conviction she began appealing the case.  As it turns out the local police – in dramatic fashion – completely mishandled the DNA evidence and so Foxy might end up getting off.  So what does the prosecutor do?  The idiots are doubling down.  They are asking for a harsher punishment.  So now if there is ANY reasonable doubt Foxy Knoxy will go free in the exact same manner as Casey Anthony.

This week, an Italian court heard from two court-appointed DNA scientists in the Knox-Sollecito appeal. The experts testified that DNA evidence – key evidence critical to the prosecution’s case – was not reliable.

But the prosecution wants still harsher punishment; they’ve doubled-down.

They are asking the Italian appellate court to sentence both Knox and Sollecito to life sentences in prison. Since Italy does not have the death penalty, a life sentence is the country’s harshest punishment. The punishment calculus in Perugia looks to be completely out of whack!

In 2008, Rudy Guede was convicted of the murder of Meredith Kercher. Prosecutors believe Guede, Knox, and Sollecito killed Kercher in November 2007. Guede was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Guede quickly appealed that sentence and an appellate court cut his jail time almost in half.


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