Wisconsin Mayor goes on 3 day drinking binge, fell asleep at the bar, got into a fight…still mayor

Haha so there’s a little back story to this.  The Wisconsin government shut down a few weeks ago due to a budget crisis.  Because of that MillerCoors couldn’t renew their liquore license and was going to have to pull all beer and liqurer from the shelves.  Then out of the blue there was an agreement.

Well the Mayor of Sheboygan must have been really happy because he went on a three day drinking binge.

The city council in Sheboygan, Wisconsin wants to remove the mayor from office because he’s a self-proclaimed alcoholic who recently went on a three-day bender during which he got into a fight and passed out at some schlubby tavern.

Nevertheless, Sheboygan city council members seem to be quite ashamed of Ryan’s personal struggles, and on Monday will consider a resolution to ask him for his resignation.


To be fair it’s not like there is anything else to do there.

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