Alex Trebek’s burglar faces 25 years to life – Cali’s three strikes law

Lucinda Moyers broke into Alex Trebek’s house looking for money and what she got was the family jewels.  Alex Trebek jumped out of bed, naked, and chased Moyers down.  He ripped his Achilles tendon while in pursuit and confronted Moyers in the hallway.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Moyers has two prior burglary convictions and a third would be punishable under California’s “three strikes” law. District attorney spokeswoman Erica Terry Derrycktold the paper that although no one was injured by Moyers, the Trebeck incident constituted a violent crime because it was a “hot prowl,” and could therefore be used against her in sentencing.

Derryck said, “We are alleging that the individual entered the room to commit the burglary while it was occupied. By statute, it is a serious, violent felony.”

Must have been an awkward conversation considering his schlong.

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