Kate Middleton gets anti-kidnapping training by elite British SAS

The Duchess has become a hit around the world which makes her an obvious target for a kidnapping……hold that thought for a moment.  Can’t we use a different word?  Kidnapping?  It has both kid and napping, who didn’t like naps as a kid?  Heck most people think nap time should be mandatory at work!  Say what you want but kidnapping makes me smile.  But I digress…..So the elite British SAS, which the US and French modeled their Special Forces after, put her Hotness through a rigorous training course.

The Duchess of Cambridge was put through a grueling course run by Britain’s elite Special Air Service (SAS) to protect her against kidnap.

Catherine, 29, went through the personal protection program because her profile has soared following her wedding to Prince William, The Sun reported Wednesday.

Her new-found royal status has earned her millions of admirers — but also made her a target for terrorists, abductors and fanatics.
It teaches key survival skills such as noticing anything unusual in routine surroundings, how to react when attacked and how to build a relationship with hostage-takers.

Other elements include driving under pressure and passing on coded messages.

And finally how to make tea and crumpets on any continent in the world.

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