Obama signs debt law then gets 1,700 calorie burger – find out his favorite burger joints…

Well the President must not have told his wife he was going out because the first place he snuck off too was his favorite burger joint in DC Good Stuff Eatery.  It is a favorite place of the Presidents and I’ve actually heard good things about it.  However, it does fly in the face of Mrs. Obama’s “only eat carrots” health plan that she’s been shoving down the nations throat.

The President is a frequent burger eater going to Five Guys often and even taking out the Russian President to Rey’s Hell Burger, another joint I’ve heard good things about.  While out on his most recent calorie crushing escapade the President told an 11 year old boy that he would buy him whatever milk shake he wanted.  Mrs. Obama’s got to be out of the country.

If you’re a DC native and eaten there let me know how it is.

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