Four words: Selena Gomez naked sculptor….go crazy

nude sculpture, selena gomez justin bieber sculpture, nude, naked celeb sculptureI don’t know who and I don’t care why but some sculptor fashioned a naked bust of Selena Gomez….yes Virginia there is a Santa Clause and his name is Daniel Edwards.  Edwards makes nude sculptors of various celebs including Paris Hilton spread eagle with her dog – weird – Angelina Jolie nursing her twins – ok I could see some people maybe — Britney Spears doggy style giving birth – getting a little creepy – and the bust of Michele Obama – yeah the President can put that in his study right between to Martin Luther King and George Washington.  It would make a great icebreaker for when the Chinese come over to check our debt.

Edwards made a sculptor of Gomez and Bieber and joined them at the hip.  Seriously?  You know that a more accurate portrayal would be Justin Bieber motor boating Selena’s mounds of joy.  Even creepier at the bottom of the statue there is a random duck screwing an armadillo.  I checked Wikipedia, those two don’t go together.

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